Student from Paris, France ask me how i build it? first t-shirt design i sold

It all started from tipping commission to growing an MVP turn to Productize Service “Yourself”. My goal is to learn and grow in the passion economy as a creator. One of those days you try to create something and you get stuck but you want to build something quickly and have fun. The main goal is to start and not get stuck, make money, make something fun & one of the most important valuable things will be learning the whole entire process! I made Makers Drink. This is my 🥭 + ☕ Story.

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My goal is to learn to make…

Hey 2021, I’m here back at medium, I guess is the new look and feel. This is my first newsletter via medium and hope you all are doing fine! Here’s a coconut juice drink to celebrate my journey to a better habit lifestyle.

drinking fresh coconut

I’ve been doing these:

What I have been doing?

1. write more & drink warm water

2. start my day early

3. rest 8hrs sleep

4. cycle, swim

5. read some books

6. video call with makers/founders

7. chat less

8. call friends & hang out with family

9. reality check

10. see nature

11. food intake

In this month during the pandemic period of Covid19, i’m excited to finally joined Makers Festival 2020 by Product Hunt for first time ever! This time around it was different situation, working from home. I’ve been doing things like work from home to another home when i always travel around Asia as a digital nomad for many years. This time around i’m back at my hometown Yishun, Singapore and there is new regulations to follow due to Covid19. …

I’m blessed to read this on my twitter. Today Ryan Hoover founder of Product Hunt wrote Product Hunt Stories, 😻🏆 “Announcing The 2019 Golden Kitty Award Winners” (Congratulations everyone!) Weeks before the announcement, Product Hunt shared this on their website. First of all i want to congratulate all those who were nominated for the “Community Member of the year 2019” as well. This was non-voted category. I took this screenshot and share on twitter for memories. Many of these people were nominated were people i met were from makers community online from all over the world. …

Better, Not Bigger.

It is always that typical moment to reflect about life.
But everything else is not typical, is just the way how we see, think & feel it.
These questions always keep coming back at the back of my mind.
“What i have achieve? what’s my next plan? what is the next goal?”
The vision & mission of yearly thingy becomes a thing, “resolutions”
I spend a lot of time self-reflecting monthly, weekly & also daily.
But when comes to year end, it is always difficult to put things together.
I felt that, i’m just too tired to do this & never felt really excited for this.

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

I will share with you 3 different ways how you can start a business.

1. Buy (low amount of price) & Sell (higher amount of price)
2. Puppeteering (Leverage on others who have skills)
3. Monetize your own skills (knowledge you have)

My story came everything from drawing and visualization.
Since young i always wanted to become an Artist & Scientist. It was my ambition when i was 5 years old when my kindergarten teacher ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. I started to be ambitious when i was 9 years old, I started to learn science as a subject in school and i bought myself a drawing block to learn how to sketch & sketch cartoon characters. I started to read alot of books of innovation scientist like Thomas Alva Edison, Marie Curi & Albert…

I have sold food snack crackers for $10 when i was 10 years old, colostrums suppliments for $60 when i was 27 years old, i sold my first graphic design tshirt in community forum for $20 using photoshop software back in year 2005 when i was 19 years old. I was a self-taught designer back in 2005.

Came along Facebook, very popular social network. I start to make fanpage & sold more graphic designs. Then in 2012 i started to learn more about Wordpress Development, i develop some premium wordpress themes for local startup company and i have clients…

Is the month where i will just keep on doing things to finish up. I want to finish up things more faster. Is getting really challenging as the pressure goes on.

Being a creative person or person who spent time doing quality work it just takes time and most importantly, ideas don’t come easily. It takes sleepless night and endless trials.

Fajar Siddiq

Serial Entrepreneur + Indie-Maker + Influencer + Producer + Professional Yo-Yo Player + Digital Nomad + Designer & Developer -

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